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The Free Live Project ( is currently an open source concept design for a combined co-working and co-living building with which we aiming to get as close as possible to net-zero energy and carbon over the lifetime of the building.
The project has received very positive feedback from angel investors, property investors, venture capitalists and members from organisations including the IET, CIBSE, BSRIA, GATE and ECA.

Therefore, we are investing into developing the equivalent of a RIBA Stage 0 concept:
- Concept definition: formulating and expanding the concept and its foundations (co-living and co-working), the business case and the strategic brief;
- Project objectives: project outcomes, quality objectives, sustainability aspirations;
- Drawings and sketches: concept diagrams and sketch drawings to expand and present the concept and its key components;
- A variety of 3D hand sketches/renderings and perspective views;
- Project presentation in the form of a report.

We invite you to get involved with the concept design, which could lead to further work on developing the design.
Most appealing architectural design which meets the nature of our project.


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