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A keyless, codeless Padlock. Contains non-functioning keyhole, or code-combo rows to give the appearance of a standard metal Padlock. To OPEN/UNLOCK it, it is squeezed together until "click" is actuated, then pulled open. To CLOSE/LOCK, it is squeezed together as per standard Padlock.
It should appear to be a standard Padlock, with (non-functioning) keyhole or rows of combination code digits. Mechanism of action (internals) should be as simple as possible, so it can be scaled up or down in size as needed, and to keep the overall cost down.
Don't Wants:
No electronics. Nothing fancy, nor tekky, nor futuristic/modern appearing. It should look, feel, and weigh the same as a standard padlock, such as made by MASTER, YALE, etc.


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