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This is a test to determine if a CAD designer can replicate the texture of a hand-shaped climbing hold. The hold itself should be at least 30cm in length x 15cm in width x 7cm height. The most important features are the surface texture and features. We need to demonstrate texture that is as smooth as glass "slippery", gradually increasing to 60D sandpaper coarseness, in increments of "Slippery" like glass to, Extra-Fine (400, 300 grit) to, Fine (200, 100 grit) to, Medium (60 grit). Have the texture go from the right side "slippery" like glass to the left side medium 60 grit.

We want to determine if this texture can be printed using the new HP Jet Fusion 3D 3200 printer.

I large twinkie shaped design is perfect, some round edges and semi-rounded bottom edges, and flat underside. Make the design hollow inside, with a 3/8mm bolt hole in the center of the shape, from the "top".
Surface Texture.
Don't Wants:
A weird, extravagant design. I large twinkie shaped design is perfect, some round edges and semi-rounded bottom side, and flat underside.
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