4th & 5th Axis Holder Design

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This contest is for a 4th & 5th Axis Holder that will house two dental ceramic discs. We will provide the 2 motor design files, so you can build based on the motors. The preferred design will have a Gimbal "Like" Design. This holder will not be using any gear drives or planetary gear drives, The motors will be directly connected to the holder.

There will be 2 parts to this holder:
1. The holder that is connected to the 2 servo motors.
2. The Holding Plate that will attach to the holder which holds the material.

Key points of the holder:
1. The holder needs to have a function that allows an interchangeable Holding Plate for different types of materials
Design needs to be clean and efficient, the motors should be hidden from view via a nice covering or case. We are looking for nice round edges, and not to square. As for dimensions please view our attached PDF files.

The design must be created and ready for production. This is not a design just for esthetics, but a mechanical design that can be machined or printed with the technical drawings and specifications.
Don't Wants:
Designed purely for esthetics. The design needs to be "Production" ready.
  1. SolidWorks
  2. TopSolid
  3. Autodesk Inventor


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