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When your contest is live, you will see many designs are coming from designers where you can easily preview, give feedback and choose the best design that you need.
When your contest is live, you will see many designs are coming from designers where you can easily preview, give feedback and choose the best design that you need.
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Bike Trailer
We are looking to create a multipurose bike trailer different from anything on the market. The unit can switch from agressive bike trailer, to grocery cart, kid rider and pull behind beach wagon. We would like it to be an organic feel like that of a back of a Madsen Bicycle. A folding frame with a plastic tub that can allow for builtin seating for up to 4 kids that has an adjustable bar that can flip forward for shade for the kids, roof top gear storage with tie downs, compress/lock down to provide a water proof storage area over the tub then be able to flip back to allow for grocery cart style pushing. The unit itself will need a fold down wheel on the tub but the real engineering is going to need to go into the adjustable rail that hangs over the tub. I envision bright colors for families but also options to market it towards outdoors and adventure clients with optional rod holders, tie downs etc. The accessories will be designed to allow for these trailers to become anything that the consumer wants it to be so additional drill holes clips and mounts will need to be added to designs so that the accessories can be designed to the unit. Eventually I would like to have an electric model that can provide the bike rider with pedal assist power and usb outlets for fans for the children and bluetooth speakers. I also see that there could be some additional features to use these units as a strength trainer with markings on the the tub in gallons with weights called out. Fill the plastic tub up with water to 300+ pounds and pull it up and down the street on your bike for a great workout, I think it is a very great multipurpose wagon that families and commuters would find extremely valuable to their lives. As a father in a "biking" community, we rarely use our cars unless we need them to fill up with beach gear, kids, or groceries. this "tow behind" can eliminate our need for our car even more and we are very excited about the possibilities. I have a very good understanding that it will require quite a bit of design and engineering to get this correct but I am also willing to commit to expenses. Please let me know if you have questions and I look forward to hearing from you
top bracket
I need a design quotation for one top bracket adapter and one bottom bracket adapter. It will be necessary to be able to use the 1000 ton press tools in the 4000 ton press, the following drawings are attached:
Need Licensed Structural Engineer w/ Drafting Skills ASAP
Our current structural engineer is out on emergency medical leave and we are in the middle of construction on a new residential home. Recently during the framing we noticed that the trusses were done incorrectly due to steel erection is part of the building process. Based on that the truss builder has explained that the 2nd and 3rd floor trusses were edited to 24" deep in order for them to work. The steel drawings show the steel is set up for the 2nd and 3rd floor trusses to be 16" deep per building plans. However due to the truss changes, we need the steel set up for the floors edited as the height of the home has changed. Currently the home is at the code maximum height, so the steel has to match up to the truss exactly. This will affect the height of the steel columns as well as the mounting flanges. Need a structural engineer to review and revise what our current structural engineer who is in the hospital has done to ensure steel fabrication and erection plans with connection details are drawn up. We will need all final items in the actual source file, DWG as well as PDF so that they can be printed. Engineer will need to have the ability to update the plans in DWG file for the manufacture and steel fabricators. The updated plans will need to include the steel supply list as well as the connection details of the truss to steel and steel to the truss. This project is on a tight deadline due to we are already in the last framing construction phase. The steel erection is next. All other material is wood on the home. We have the steel files completed by our team which includes the Architect, Architect's Company Structural Engineer and our company Structural Engineer in DWG and PDF to help with this project. The steel is only being used to support the front glass windows on floor 2 & 3 as well as the deck on floor 3, steel is not being used anywhere else. Our files are 2018 DWG and we do not have the ability to change it to any other version.
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