A mess-free way to apply sunscreen to the face

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I want to be able to make great renders out of this model, and get sample products into production.

The device is a sunscreen/liquid lotion applicator which is a squeeze bottle reservoir with a liquid make up stippling foundation brush attached to the end so that the liquid/sunscreen within can be selectively squeezed and dispensed through the brush for easy mess free application on the face.
* Must use a liquid stippling foundation brush head for the brush applicator. MAC 187 would be preferred. Leave brush color dark fibers for the entire brush, I don't want white at the end.


*Needs to have a clear snap-on/flip up cap that covers the brush when not in use. (maybe its attached to the brush base in someway so you don't lose the cap and have sunscreen all over your purse).
*bottle needs to be able to stand up when cap is on.
* I want a smaller key-chain version for application on the go, with said cap and possibly a mini version of the brush. Like a carabiner.
* Must have a reservoir seal of some kind so that suncreen doesn't leak out when not in use, but dispenses fairly easily when squeezed.
*Thickness of the plastic should also be considered that it can't squeeze too easy and become a mess, but not too hard that its really hard to squeeze when you need it.
* I'd like the design to be geared toward a unisex market. I know that women will do most of the buying for a product like this, as they use make up brushes, but I don't want it so girly that it seems only meant for women, but would catch a women's eye.
*I'd like for the brush part to be able to be unscrewed from the reservoir if someone wants to, if possible. No idea how this works with the seal mechanism, but if someone wanted to refill their bottle, they could.
Don't Wants:
My image I uploaded is really literal, as those are all of the design skills I possess, so you don't have to follow it exactly per se, the only real parameter is using the foundation brush head, a reservoir bottle (search current sunscreen bottle shapes), and be able to squeeze and apply.
*Something too complicated that would be difficult to mass produce.
* Something too flashy or too boring. I want middle america and instagram models to use this brush.
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