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This small electronic appliance will sit on the table or bookcase in homes. It functions similar to a home automation hub (e.g. Smart Things, Wink, etc,)
It needs to look good, look modern, simple but elegant.
Attached is the model file of a prototype that accommodates the minimum features of the circuit boards and connectors. We're looking for this prototype to be the starting point and a far more elegant product design is the goal (winner).

IMPORTANT NOTE: The bottom circuit board component/connector placement is fixed (cannot be moved/altered). The top circuit board model file currently shows 4 LEDs. There will be an additional 4 LEDs added to the circuit board for a total of 8 (multi-color) LEDs. These LEDs will display colored, motion patterns to indicate system functions, in a way similar to the Google Home. The LEDs need to be visible from the top of the case either by shining through a thin semi translucent white plastic, or possibly small hole, slots, louvers can be used. The pattern of the LEDs will be in a circular patter, though the diameter of the circle is left to the designer. The top board components except for the LEDs is fixes, the location of the 8 LEDs if flexible, the size of the top board is flexible.

The design does NOT have to have draft built into the model for the contest, but the designer must be able to add draft (for additional fee) after the prototype has been approved.
Exterior style, LED visibility (top), functionality is primary.
Ease/cost of tooling is important. (We will be SLA the prototypes, then tool injection molding in production)
Ease of assembly is third.
Robustness is forth.
Don't Wants:
It shouldn't look like a bar of soap, nor a simple plastic box.
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