LIFE1619 Disc Binding for Planner

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I need someone to design my a disc can be hard plastic or aluminum that will work with various planners ( ie., happy planners, levengers, arc - staples brand - TUL - Officer Depot. My design will have a removable insert that can be changed out. I have my own line of planners coming to the market and want a disc that is completely different than what is currently on the market... The Basic disc is very similar to what is currently on the market.. (please google - circa disc and happy planner) however my disc will be different in that it will have a removable interchangeable design core. The core must be double sided and snap in and out with ease.
Disc must be 1 inch circular diameter as well as 1 1/2 inches. Center core should be slightly smaller than the base core. color and style - most important is the ease of snapping the center core into place. Explanation |detail of how the center piece snaps into place
Don't Wants:
hideous designs.. the disc are pretty straight forward and must be standard to fit with existing planners... I dont want designs that are thick or masculine.. core target is women.
Ask for Sample:
Please provide a sample.
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