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We have recently purchased an older site furnishing manufacturer and would like to introduce a new and more modern product line.
Please feel free to visit the current website to see our existing products.
We primarily want a
Park Bench
Waste and recycling receptacle
A lighted bollard
Later on adding a Poster Pillar and a Bike rack

Our chosen new line will be put into production and therefore will need to be Modern,lightweight but durable,as maintenance free as possible and not too complicated to manufacture and assemble.

In our existing product we use the following materials
Steel and Aluminum for structure
Cedar, Ipe and Oak for seating
Our most popular bench size is 1800mm
We would like to incorporate composite materials for a seating option (bearing in mind we have had issues with composite sagging in heat
We would like to compete with companies such as Maglin and Wishbone

Our existing products do not have any CAD drawings included and this makes it more difficult for us to be specified in by landscape architects. We are not sure exactly what they require and any guidance in that would be appreciated.
we will be looking for:
simplicity, striking looks, efficient use of materials, clear concise design
Don't Wants:
Too much Steel work can be a problem due to weight and expensive labor where we are located.
We are not currently trying to reinvent the wheel.
Ask for Sample:
I don't want to waste your time so if you'd like to just submit one drawing i would probably make it a bench.
Company Logo:
  1. ArchiCAD


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