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Cuff Clips is a simple magnet based device designed to help quickly and temporarily shorten pant leg lengths, hold a sleeve in a nice cuff, and can double as simple collar stays.

At this point we have the magnet portion of the device sourced, colored, engraved, and ready to go. The current magnet size is 12.7mm in diameter X ~ 1.59mm Thick.

However... we need help with developing a unique carrying case. *Note: there are 20 magnets (or ten pairs) to a case!

This carrying case should:
1) Be able to securely store the magnets in the case without scratching them
2) Be able to help separate the magnets when taking them out of the case and applying them to one's clothing (*Bonus: if you can also keep the magnets separate while putting them back in the case.)
3) Be easily operated
4) Be structurally sound/Durable - (these are powerful magnets) yet preferably made from plastics
5) Be small enough to fit into a pocket or small purse
6) Be designed for easy/cheap manufacturing

So far my team has made a few designs, the current design involved stacking the magnets in pairs in separate trays that made up a small vertebrae. That being said, the magnets were powerful and still hard to separate even in pairs...there is no need to follow this design path. An image of this version is attached for reference (note: only 4 trays are shown but it shows the concept)

Another design - one I would be interested in seeing improved, involved a 2-part case: A tube; and then a retractable spine that slides inside the tube. On the spine are individual snaps/holders/grabbers/etc. that can hold each magnet a separate distance from each other. The spine could be retracted either by finger pull or thumb push (any other means would also be cool to see).

Would be great seeing what you all can come up with.
1) You will be evaluated on how well you can accomplish the above 6 design focus points. Each are important!
2) If the carrying case and its process are not only easy to use but also visually appealing/cool/unique
3) How easily and cost effectively they can be manufactured
Don't Wants:
I do not want:
1) The magnets to be able to snap quickly together as they may shatter or chip (or scratch the paint)
2) The process of separating the magnets to be too laborious
3) A super complicated and numerous exact parts to be needed for operating the case. (something simple, robust, and reliable)
Ask for Sample:
Yes please, that would be great!
  1. AutoCAD
  2. SolidWorks


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