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This pull-up bar is an aquatic accessory being named the "Pool-up Bar" It is a portable platform 50 gallon base, exactly like a basketball hoop seen in most driveways. Its height is adjustable at a max height of 4 feet from the ground and a minimum height of 2 feet. The height will be adjustable in 6 inch increments. The 50 gallon base will be the same durable plastic used in a basketball system. The neck will be either plastic or metal, this is dependent upon the different designs I receive from CADCROWD to see who comes up with the best mechanical advantage to avoid tipping towards the user. The pull-up bar that the user grabs and preforms the exercise on will be metal coated in rubber. The design and function is basic, I am looking for an aggressive yet clean look.

Looking to get the following completed:
marketing material, design for prototype, design patent, utility patent, patent drawings
50 Gallon base similar to basketball hoops seen in driveways with a top filling cap and a easy drain on the back.
The "Neck can come from either the front of the base(the side of the base touching the pool edge) or the back of the base(edge farthest away from the pool) or directly in the middle. Whatever provides the most safety and the best aesthetics.

original motivation for project use and appearance:
Don't Wants:
I want what little assembly a user must do to set the neck of the bar into the base to be obvious, The goal is to have the Pool-Up Bar end up in a box for the user to take home or for it to ship to gyms.
Ask for Sample:
Any samples you provide will be a major value towards winning the project
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