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La'al Ratty Locomotive & Coaches Creation Contest of Funitude!! :D
I basically need No. 7 River Esk. It's a 2-8-2 with 8-wheeled tender in lnwr blackberry livery with black, off-white, & red lining. The other stuff can be found in the pictures. The Non Open Coaches are blue & white, the open coaches are maroon. I'd like them ALL to be ready to run *that means I need the chassis motor built in, built in the locomotive itself of course*. The couplings are 3-link couplings. The coaches are bogie used. I can add the bogies, I just need it to where they just need to be screwed into the floor of the coaches :). Also, the engine and coaches need brake pipes on both ends of both the engine & coaches. Also, there are 10 coaches, only 3 are open coaches, the rest are the regular ones.
DOG Brand Character / Toon
Greetings to all we need a special Dog character to use as a Brand icon, the character will be used to be printer on box/bag/toy tag/ toy box, also this character will be printer on some leash/dog feeder/dog clothes. so we need a minimum of 5 possessions of the dog 1- Dog Standing 2- Dog smiling 3- Dog with Bone 4- Dog Running 5- Dog Sleeping to make it more clear, think about Snoopy Dog, or Garfield ...
Bank Vault Door CAD drawing
CAD drawing of a bank vault door that will be output in 3D as foam to be part of a wall mural display. Vault door should be designed for output at a size 60”x60”x12”. Please see attached image of the look we are trying to achieve.
Label needed designed with holographic security overlay
I need a label created that is 68mm wide by 20mm tall. It has text that needs to in vector form so its editable. The label has text on the front and the back. I also need a solution for a printer to print these out. Uv printer, special printer, etc. its imperative to have a printing solution.
Escape Room puzzles
Hello, I am building an escape room themed like an Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider movie or games. Think lost temple (Aztec or Egyptian) style. If you have ever done an escape room and thought “I’d like to design a puzzle” this is the contest for you! I am looking for Puzzle ideas, that can be printed on a 3d printer (I have a FlashForge Creator 3, so my 3d printer supports a large build volume 300*250*200mm) the puzzle can be in many parts if big is your thing! The puzzles should be themed to the room and can use electronics/servos/sensors/switches anything I could build/control with an Arduino is fine. internally mechanical and “puzzle” designs are also welcome. The puzzle can be a single object or a set of objects (ie a locked object and a tablet with picture graphs as the solution/key to the puzzle.) Let the imagination run wild! there is the opportunity for continued consulting work for the winning designers, I am happy to take messages of ideas and give feedback, Q/A etc Software: As long as I can import it to Autodesk 360 and then to my printer I don't mind what software is used, flexible on this as long as I can print it!