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Stair climber
Problem: Many people who are dependent on crutches have a difficult time navigating stairs. The risk of falls and severe injury are considerable, and in the acutely-injured or post-operative patient, these risks are oftentimes compounded by pain, post-operative dizziness, and narcotic usage. Most patients who are concerned about falling scoot up backwards on their buttocks, using their palms to propel them up one step at a time. Solution: A padded rectangular box that spans two step risers with a handle to lift it up to each successive step. The device is largely rectangular and the lower-step portion is wide and flat enough to allow it to be stable when on a flat non-step surface, such as a landing. Design parameters: Legally, stair risers must be between 6 and 7.5 inches in height, with a width minimum of 22 inches. A typical step is 11 inches in depth. The lower stair portion should be at least as long as the upper stair length, to make standing on the device while on a flat landing more stable. The device should have multiple 1/2" slide-in/click-on element for the upper stair portion to adjust for differences in stair heights. This is not currently in my drawings
Stylish, minimalistic pencil case
We are looking for inspiration and designs for a very minimalistic, yet stylish pencil case, which will be produced out of (paper) pulp by extrusion. The case should have a lid, either attached to its body or separate. It also should have some kind of clasp, in the broadest sense, to secure the lid and prevent it from opening. Could be a clamp, clip, rubber strap or anything that serves the purpose. Also, the lid's surface should be mostly flat, because we plan to print on it. Dimensions for the case should be roughly H65mm x W190mm x D30mm. There are two design approaches that both could lead to viable results: A: The attached image "Sample A" shows a product that is VERY close to what we envisage. You could simply modify this example in its details, in order to create an equally minimalistic, stylish product that still differentiates itself to a reasonable degree from the depicted sample. B: Create something from scratch. There are many examples of pulp-based containers available, we have compiled some examples on image "Sample B".
Server 3D Explosion
I need to have a server created to match an existing piece of art, which is an exploded touch screen. Unfortunately the designer is no longer available who created the exploded touch screen. The design should match the look at feel as much as possible and use the same colors and style to show an exploded 1U server.
auto-tuning radio
I have a provisional patent and am looking for help to make a prototype. The device should have two digital tuners controlled by a computer, each capable of receiving digital radio signal and digital ID co-broadcasted by radio stations. The computer uses one tuner to scan radio frequencies and sorts available radio signals based on station name, program genre, and music group. This device should be able to find a radio station based on station name rather than by frequency. Some national radio stations such as Public Radio broadcast on multiple frequencies on overlapping terrains. In a moving vehicle, when the signal deteriorates on one frequency, this device should be able to use the second tuner to scan for better signal and achieve seamless transition from one frequency to another without interrupting the program by switching the roles of the two tuners.
Three years ago I was awarded a patent for a glove idea. The purpose of the glove is to scrub and clean kitchen counter and bathroom surfaces. The design of the glove consist of cleaning pads that can be attached to the inner palm of the glove and fingers of the glove.