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Design goal - to develop a 3D model of exterior, interior and ergonomics of a flying car. The result is the 3D model and rendering able to be opened in SolidWorks (its, stp).
Development stages:
— development of art-design, graphic files;
— development of surface model of one design selected, stp files;
As aerodynamic scheme it was selected a quadrocopter with four lifting rotors. Payload (a person) is above the rotors out of the coverage area of the rotor. The car has four wheels.
Geometrical dimensions::
Overall dimensions 2947x2973x1380
Thrust developing system :
Tractor rotors, two-bladed are enclosed in ring. Under each rotor there is an electromotor, which is connected to the rotor with a system of clutches and bearing blocks. The rotor diameter is 1250mm, the external diameter of the ring - 1316mm, the ring height - 180mm. The distance between the rotors: right - left - 1654 mm, the distance between the front and rear rotor 1630 mm.
Placement of a person on the board:
The position of the mass center of the person must be as close as possible to the mass center of the aircraft. The center of mass is at the intersection of the diagonals of a square which corners are on the centers of rotors rotation. As it was mentioned above the man is placed above the rotors and must be out of the rotor coverage area not to be hurt in case of blade breaking apart. The person should be placed in a sitting position with stretched forward legs.
The rear drive
Control via the front wheels.
The distance between the right and the left wheel: 933mm
The distance between the front and the rear wheel: 1962mm
There is a fine line between beautiful design and low weight, the wheels should look harmoniously, but it should be remembered that the increase of geometrical parameters leads to weight gain, which is critical in this case.
First of all it is l the car and all the features on the car should be observed.
The car must have all elements, such as front and rear headlights, turn signals, front and rear bumpers are possible, rearview mirror (camera). Radiator enclosure is missing.
Doors (canopy) should provide a convenient access and landing, it is necessary to provide luggage storage.
In General, the design should be made in a modern style with using of modern trends in the automotive industry.
Inside the car there should be enough space to place the driver - pilot. The position of the seat should be fixed, all controls should be in a convenient and intuitive clear place. The view should be complete forward, 20 degrees down and 40 up. The side stands should not interfere the side view, also it is provided an overview of the left and right back about 120 degrees. The adjustment for the pilot height should be implemented using the movement controls.
The instrument panel has several displays. The controls have been mentioned above.
Provide illumination in the cabin.
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