Driving sprocket design

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In search of a sprocket design made of POM plastic material (that has to be CMCed or moulded). The teeth have to be -positive (like a mountain- that are easy to clean under high pressure of water as the sprocket is used in meat and processing industry.

The pitch is 49.7mm but I am looking for a sprocket that can accommodate 24.85mm as well. It has to be fitted onto a 40x40 square bore.

I need sprockets in different diameters but with the same design. Diameters are 90.87mm, 122.51mm, 154,15mm and 185,79mm.

The pitch itself is 4.5mm high, base width is 6mm, top width is 3.5mm. Please ensure the sprocket can fit well with the product itself under no tension, and tension.
Ease of cleanness, possibility for the sprocket to be cmced or moulded, accuracy of the pitches / outer diamond
  1. AutoCAD
  2. SolidWorks


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