Commercial Kiosk Area Configuration

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I want to rent a kiosk/cart area in a shopping mall.

So that first of all i need to present a demonstration to the management which includes 3d model of the place.

I want you to draw and place all 3d models of the items onto the actual photos.

Item list:

2 seats (special motion seats).

1 display screen(kiosk) . its in the same photo

1 desk . its in the same photo

1 background display ,

i m open for any suggestion.

Security barriers , and we can discuss about the items and placement on to the business field.

i need to explain the details of the business than you can imagine for the best configuration.

I have no 3d models of those items. You have to draw. Actually not necessarily 3D , if possible view from 2 different angle would be enough.
Designs should be fancy, simple and possible to manufacture .
  1. AutoCAD
  2. or whatever you use


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