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I have an assignment to create some marketing images from a complex building/home. The files were created in 1999 as CAD files, but I have not seen them, and I do not know the file type or the program that created them. I need someone to export from these files images in a file format that can be read by Illustrator. I expect the job will take anywhere from 5 to 10 hours of work and that the work would be spread over several takes, with refinements and give and take between the illustrator and the CAD expert.
I expect to pay on an hourly basis and will pay a fee up front and the balance within 5 days of receipt of the final usable files. I can present referrals about my history in paying free-lancers. I am one myself and understand the liabilities and risks.

I would expect to post the files to my Drop box and ask for an initial assessment from the free lancer as to whether he or she can work with the files and what views the freelancer and provide to the client. If all seems doable, I will ask for an estimate. Assuming the price is within my client's budget, we will proceed with a first payment and start the effort on an hourly basis.
Ability to open, manipulate views of the drawings, shade in walls, export to Illustrator.
Don't Wants:
I want files that I can bring into Illustrator to annotate with text.
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