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A standard meditation bench made of wood gets a makeover. We are looking to create a fully-adjustable, lightweight, travel version of a wooden meditation bench for manufacture via injection molding (plastic).

The bench consists of 2 legs, of the same size, 7.5 inches tall. Atop is a main sitting piece, which is at right angles to the legs and is 18 inches long and 7 inches deep. All parts are ½ inch thick, or thinner.

The bench needs to be able to support the weight of an adult.

The main sitting piece (piece “A” in the sketch) needs to be rotational such that it can be tilted forward in order to create an angled seating platform. This adjustment is to conform to the seating angle of the meditator to create comfortable sitting position. The piece must lock out once in place at the desired setting, in order to provide stability while sitting on it (aka it does not move).

The legs must also be foldable (collapsible), such that they fold in towards the main sitting piece in some manner, in order to make the bench small and practical for travelling or storage.

The collapsed final bench should be ideally 1 inch thick, or thereabouts.

Here is a link to what a "standard" bench looks like. This is for reference only--not what we are interested in designing:
Will be evaluated on how comprehensively the design meets and achieves all of the technical aspects from the description above. including:

- rotational
- collapsible
- soundly engineered to the weight and dimension specifications
- all files executable for injection moulded plastic manufacturing
Don't Wants:
Something that does not clearly show how the finished product will fit together and work, taking into account the description above.
Ask for Sample:
File extensions supported are: sldprt, x_t, igs, step
  1. SolidWorks
  2. PTC Creo Parametric / Pro-E


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