Sketch Up model out of a set of scanned paper blueprints

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I would like to know whether you can create a SketchUp model out of a set of scanned paper blueprints of a dutch 1936 terraced house?

For this SketchUp Pro 2015 and LayOut should be used.

Desired deliverable would be:

1) The actual Sketch Up file of the 3D model, where the exterior of the complete building block is incorporated, the interior of the terraced house on the blueprint labeled as number 14 and in which the various scenes are defined for a.o. Elevation and Floor Plans
2) A Lay Out document holding the floor plans for the basement, 1st -, 2nd - and 3rd floor.

The expected level of quality should be comparable to the various Case Studies as published on the official SketchUp Pro Blog (f.e. from Peter Wells, Brandon Walsh). The work should be structured comparable with common best-practices as like f.e. described by Nick Sonder, Matt Donley and Paul Lee

Attached some samples of the blueprints. Higher resolution scans in PDF-format of the original paper blueprints (scale 1:100) and if desired a photographic impression will follow once the assignment has been awarded.

Target price: under 400 USD
Time of delivery: 3-4 days
Best regards
Dr.Abraham Minassian
Skype:dr.minassian 2015
The expected level of quality should be comparable to the various Case Studies as published on the official SketchUp Pro Blog (f.e. from Peter Wells, Brandon Walsh).
Ask for Sample:
File Size Limit:
1.6 MB - 2.9 MB
  1. Trimble SketchUp (Google) (2015)


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