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Three years ago I was awarded a patent for a glove idea. The purpose of the glove is to scrub and clean kitchen counter and bathroom surfaces. The design of the glove consist of cleaning pads that can be attached to the inner palm of the glove and fingers of the glove.
The glove should have a snug ergonomic fit, male and female sizes. There is no specific color required. The cleaning pads are cut out in the shape of the hand with a crease pattern that mimic the crease patterns of the inner part of the hand itself and are attached by way of nylon fastener and button snaps. On the back side of the glove there will be a scrub brush attachment. This will also go on by way of button snap or nylon fastener and will be made to bend with the finger in a clenched fist motion. Glove will be made will rubber material. Standard glove size, small, medium and large. I have sample sketches if needed. Glove needs to have rugged look to it.
Don't Wants:
Do not want the glove to fit loosely.
Ask for Sample:
Please complete design as a sample.
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