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I want to model (statistical modeling & analysis, and/or simulation/animation) discrete events, specifically, construction workers preparing, welding, soldering, threading and installing small hydronic pipes vs. large pipe. Because large pipe require different materials handling techniques, tools and equipment, supports for installation, I want to model both small and large pipe installations and study time and cost required, and conclude whether installing small pipes (ranging from 3/8" to 2-1/2") vs large (3" to 22" pipe) runs more smoothly, time-wise, how much more resources are required? Parameters are given.
For statistical modeling and design - validity of statistical methodology selected, and how closely the results are to onsite, field observations and assumptions.
For simulation and animation - how well each process is animated and how closely time and cost unit are to onsite observations and assumption. (Arena simulation or Simphony Simulation)
Don't Wants:
Just answers without all background data and files, and no conclusions drawn
Ask for Sample:
Statistical analysis of (1) of the categories & connection method (welded joints, victaulic or brazed, soldered, etc), (large bore piping installation vs. small pipe)


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