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3D printable wearables are growing in popularity. This exciting new technology is only just beginning to make an impact, and the sky is the limit. Take advantage of our expert 3D designers and modelers to bring your innovation in wearable tech to market. Our network of leading designers specializes in 3D printing and rapid manufacturing, and will work with you to bring your concept to life.

From determining the optimal design to selecting comfortable and functional materials, our 3D printing and design services will assist you in every step of the development process, including prototyping and manufacturing. New advances in 3D printable wearable technologies include prosthetic applications, artificial limbs and 3D printed medical devices for customized personal applications.

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3D Printing CAD Design Services

3D printing technology offers a variety of materials for use in wearable technology, including durable and flexible polymers and plastics. Our designers and modelers work with industry software including SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Microstation, Vectorworks, Cobalt  SolidEdge and TurboCad in addition others.

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