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Take Advantage of 3D Printing to Bring Your Miniatures to Life

Design and Modeling Services for Miniatures and Figurines

With the ability to create highly intricate pieces in both high and low-volume production runs, 3D printing is an ideal technology for miniatures and figurines. Whether you have a specific scene that you want to create for your own enjoyment, or you hope to bring your miniature creations to the marketplace, our network expert 3D designers will help you create the model you need to bring your creation into the world. 

You can either work with a leading 3D designer to create models for your creatures and characters from scratch, or you can work from existing plans and sketches to translate your ideas into a workable CAD file.

Design Your Own Custom Miniatures
  • Custom X-Wing Miniatures
  • Miniature Horses and Animals
  • Custom D & D Miniatures 
  • Fantasy Miniatures
  • Models

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Bringing Worlds to Life with 3D Printing

3D printing opens up a world of new possibilities for custom designed miniatures and figurines. The extreme level of detail and ease with which additive manufacturing technologies can achieve complex shapes and contours means that you can let your imagination run wild in the creation of your characters and critters. From table-top gaming to miniature railroads and dollhouses, 3D printing makes it easier than ever to create plastic and metal custom miniatures

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