It's 1920. It's been 2 years since the Great War. Whilst our great cities are slowly recovering, the minds of our men haven't. A man has suffered the worst in the war in the tunnels. The horrors of claustrophobic, torturous and horrific conditions in the tunnels sends mens minds to the depths of hell. He has returned from the war and he's unable to cope with the trauma of the War. He is one of the many fallen men, one of the men who will never recover from the war. 'Shellshock' is a dramatic perspective into the realm of PTSD. More specifically, the trauma caused to soldiers in the front-lines of World War 1. The scene showcases 'delusion' of a traumatic flashback, their reality becomes dysfunctional and the world around them is swallowed by their nightmares, their fears and horrors.
Published 8 months ago
3d-art environmental-design lighting rendering texturing