Paddle Board 9'-6" x 32"

This entry designed to be made by laser sintered polyamide and each part fits into the originally required (hidden)*(hidden)*(hidden) mm printing limit. There are three sub-assemblies: tail, deck and nose. After the sintering, cleaning and finishing process each parts sealed with a plug and glued into the sub-assembly. Really ease and quick to assemble the board by using the four over-centre levers. The tail includes a fin-box so the fin is adjustable to make the board suitable for straight line or a more maneuverable paddling. Board details: Size: (hidden)*(hidden) mm Weight is light (compared there are 25 individual parts): 12.96 Kg Volume: 150 L
  • MacKenzie Brown
  • Jean Marc Philippe
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Published 2 years ago
3d-print cad-design rendered-in-key-shot