The BLAT (Blowout Preventer Landing Assist Tool) is used to assist in landing a BOP (Blowout Preventer) onto a subsea wellhead. The BLAT is threaded onto 6 5/8" drill pipe (FH or XT-57 Threads), which can be modified per customer request. The BLAT is then lowered through the Telescopic Joint (TJ), until the BLAT's Anti-Torque Boss makes contact with the Pup Transition Joint (PTJ). The PTJ is bolted between the TJ and riser. Rotating the drill pipe CW or CCW causes the BLAT's load arms to extend or retract. When extended, the load arms make contact with the PTJ's inner surface, allowing tension to be applied to the drill pipe, which lifts the TJ, PTJ, BLAT, Riser, and BOP. The BLAT has a Safe Working Load of 2,000 kips.
Published 1 year ago
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